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Where can i get the cheapest home gyms from?

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Question by NERDY: Where can i get the cheapest home gyms from? My limit is around $ 200, and i tried Dick's Sporting Goods, Walmart, and Sports Authority, anywhere else? Best answer:

Answer by tiruchi s
Besides you gym activity you need to follow the following system of nutrition to get desired results: Men1"=1kg=2.2lbs and women 1"=800gms=1.76lbs standard weight Fat% men 16% and women 26% upto age 39ys Calorie intake:- 2000-2200 for men and 1500-1800 for women If you adhere to this parameter you can lose or gain weight by using cellular nutrition- available in 63 countries currently, only through authorised constants-replacing two of you meals with cellular nutrition and having one meal of your choice,plus drinking one liter of water for every 20ks=44lbs to lose weight 1 to 2 lbs per week and to gain weight have cellular nutrition once after each meal, plus drink adequate quantity of water as mentioned above.

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