HIJA "Nahulog" Interview

Shot and Interviewed "Hija" Band. soul and groove indi music.

TVC advocacy commercial for coke

design and work on this project for Coke advocacy campaign.

Live & Raw Cuts

A cut from Live & Raw. a show that features alternative indi bands. performing Live and Raw. directed/designed by yours trully with my good great ever rocking crew.

reel08 3rd Qrtr

for now..

My Threadless.com Submission

My Threadless.com Submission

Just joined this threadless tshirt design things and my works got in the voting level. so feel free to donate your clicks cyber freinds.thanks:)

and another..

My Threadless.com Submission

another one

My Threadless.com Submission

Click me!

My Threadless.com Submission

Design for Live & Raw

OBB design for Rock Alternative show 6 Underground Live & Raw.

Music Video.Compositing

This is a directing and compositing work for the band "Sugar Hiccup" done this almost 3 years ago. but i miss compositing such art-full imagery. will cook some more stuff like this.