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China Equity Investment Report, 2009-2010

China Equity Investment Report, 2009-2010 | investment

Equity investment includes private equity (PE) investment and venture capital (VC) investment. In 2009, there were 542 equity investments occurred in China, including 114 PE investments and 428 VC investments; the equity investment valued US.4 billion, average PE investment was US4 million, and average VC investment was US.8 million. The remarkable 19:1 gap between average PE and VC investments mainly resulted from the fact that PE investments are often made in the enterprises that are making profits and need larger amounts of money for mergers and reorganization, while VC investments mostly are financial investments made in the enterprises that are developing or expanding their business and require smaller amounts of money.In 2009, in terms of the number of equity investments made in China, the manufacturing industry got the largest share (19%), followed by the IT, Internet, energy, and healt
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