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Bringing my horse back into work/fitness?

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Question by Cassie: Bringing my horse back into work/fitness? has been FREEZING here and since my horse and I both just moved from a sunny California desert where the coldest it gets is 70, it was kind of a shock. And so I haven't done much work with my horse since about mid November, and no riding since mid December. But now it's getting warmer and we both adjusted a bit and it is time to work should I go about it. My horse lost most of his muscle mass and is moving much more stiffly (turnouts are usually covered in ice or so muddy he can't do anything but walk. I have been letting him out in the arena, but that is usually only 45 minutes, maximum. Usually more like 20 because of other boarders). This past week, I have been taking him for walks (in hand) down the road about a mile or so. But how do I start riding again, and how quickly do I progress to keep from tearing and damaging things? He is young (six) and has never had any injuries or anything, but I don't want to push him too hard. He is an eventer, but I think he is just going to be a dressage pony for the next few months to work him back up to a good fitness level. Anyone have any personal stories of fitness/conditioning after a few months of laziness? Best answer:

Answer by countrygurl91
I don't really have a personal story.... but I asked a question similar to this a while ago, might help you too. :);_ylt=AsOsKG2m1Epke3ecBsjqbNzty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100129093750AAf55h9

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