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ALBANIA - Foreign Investment in an emerging market

ALBANIA - Foreign Investment in an emerging market | investment

Albania is a South Eastern Balkan country situated on the eastern Adriatic Coast in Europe. The country borders the former Yugoslav provinces of Montenegro, FYR-Macedonia, Serbia and Greece to the South. The capital is Tirana. (The World Bank Group, 2009).

Personal foreign direct investment (FDI) interest in Albania is derived from closely monitoring Albania's transition into a NATO country and prospective European Union (EU) member. The process of accession of Albania to the EU started in January 2003. Albania's admission to the EU depends on the countries future economic and political stability. Albania has been engaged with EU institutions and joined NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) April 1, 2009. (Wikipedia Contributors cited 2009). Albania formally applied for EU membership 28 April 2009.

Ranked as one of the poorest European countries, numerous Albanian ex
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